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babyballet Starmaker’s Show FAQ


Who is in the show?

All children aged 3 and above as of the 30th April 2020. will be asked to join in with our show.  It is optional but we think it is a great opportunity for them to take part in a real show at a theatre.  This is an annual event so if you feel your child isn’t quite ready they will be able to take part in future years. 

If we have not heard from you by the 1st March 2020 we will presume your child does not want to take part.  We cannot add anyone after this date as we have to submit paperwork to the council with the numbers in the show.


Why do I need to pay a show fee?

This show fees covers your child’s costume hire and insurance for being in the show.  It is also so we know final numbers in advance. Your child will receive a certificate for being in the show.  Please note this show fee is Non-Refundable. If you fail to turn up on the day or cancel between the now and the day of the show you will lose your show fee.


Do I get to keep my costume?

No.  Costumes are hired by us so therefore must be returned at the end of the performance.  If you would like to purchase your child’s costume we can order a brand new one for you.  This will be between £60 and £120 plus VAT depending on the section they are in. Please contact the office if you would like to purchase a costume.  You will be given a babyballet T-shirt a few weeks before the show. This is included in your show fee and you will be able to keep this.


What clothing does my child need to wear?

Your child will be given a babyballet show T-shirt a week or two before the show.  This is what they must wear, along with black trousers or leggings, as they arrive.  This will show the chaperones which group they are in. They will then be changed into their show costumes.  Children will be changed back into their black trousers and bayballet T shirt for the finale. Children will also be asked to wear white frilly ankle socks for girls and black socks for boys with their ballet shoes.  Please don’t put any extra bows or large clips in hair as many costumes have a headpiece with them. Please don’t let them wear anything extra such as vests either. 


Your child must wear leather-soled or vegan equivalent ballet shoes.   Please check with us if you are not sure. Shoes with felt soles are not allowed.


If your child participates in a tap class they will also be in a tap number in the show.  Please make sure their tap and ballet shoes are marked with their name when bringing them to the show.  They do not need anything extra.


What does my child need backstage?

Nothing!  Please don’t give them anything to bring backstage.  We cannot guarantee you will get it back- sorry. We have up to 120 children in each show, trying to keep track of extra items backstage would be impossible.  We will ask you to change your child into their ballet shoes before they come backstage to minimize confusion. Please also label your child’s clothes. All items will be kept in bags but it would be very handy to have names in everything- especially ballet shoes, so they don’t wander off.  


Can I come backstage with my child?

By Law only licensed chaperones are allowed backstage.  If you would like to accompany your child you will need to apply for a DBS certificate and then a chaperone license from your local council.  You may also need to go on a training course. This is around £90 and can take up to 6 months. If you would like to apply please contact your franchisee owner and they can point you in the right direction. 


What if my child gets upset?

If a child does get upset we will try to calm them down first ourselves however we ask that you make sure we have your correct mobile number.  If we feel they may need some reassurance we will call you to ask what you want to do. You know your child best, if you would like to see them and check they are ok we will bring them to the side of stage for a cuddle.  As mentioned above all adults backstage will be trained chaperones so will be used to helping children who are upset/worried.


Once I have dropped my child off what do I do?

The Theatre has a bar in the foyer, you are welcome to purchase snacks and drinks.  We will also have a photographer so once children are in costume their pictures will be brought out for you to purchase.  This will take place before and after the show depending on which group your child is in. There will also be a babyballet merchandise table selling twinkle and Teddy bears, babyballet activity books, CDs and DVDs should you wish to purchase anything.


What will my child be doing?

Once ready in costume children will be able to watch our babyballet DVD, do some colouring and have their photographs taken ready for purchase (please see above).  There will also be water available if your child requires refeshment.

Is there anything else I need to pay for?
As mentioned above you can purchase photographs if you wish.  These are priced at £12 for a pack of 2, 7’ x 4’ mounted prints.  There will also be a babyballet merchandise table selling our babyballet DVDs, teddies, CDs, activity books etc. should you wish to buy your little star a well done present.  There will be programmes on sale. All proceeds from programmes will be going to charity. The only things you need to buy are tickets. These are priced at £12 for adults and £10 for concessions (under 3’s free).  As your child is appearing in the show, they do not need a ticket themselves. (Prices correct at time of publication)


How much are tickets are where do I get them from?

Tickets are priced at £12 and £10 for concessions. Children under 3 who do not require a seat are free.  Tickets will go on sale on Monday 16th March for both show days. If you require a wheelchair space these are available to purchase too. 

Tickets are on sale from Barking Broadway Theatre directly for 10th May.

Tickets are on sale from for New Hall School 24th May.

(Prices correct at time of publication)


When will the digital download be ready?

The digital download will be available shortly after the show.  This will have a limited download time of around 4 weeks so please make sure you download it within this timeframe.

Can I take my own pictures and or video during the show?

We would love to say that all of the children who come to our classes have had a great start in life.  Some of them have not. You cannot take your own photos and videos during the show or share any pictures or video on social media in order to protect these children.  Please do not put us in the awkward position of asking you to stop filming. Please help us to protect these children from having to start a new life, again. 

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